We are very grateful to several grant agencies for supporting our projects. Their grants are indispensable to accomplish our research
objectives (the grants are listed in a chronological order):

National Research, Development and Innovation Office “Frontline” – Research Excellence Programme
Title: Nanoscale molecular diversity and neuropsychiatric significance of canonical and non-canonical forms of cannabinoid signaling
Period: 2019-2023


National Research, Development and Innovation Office
Title: Controlling hippocampal GABAergic neurotransmission by the DGL-alpha enzyme
Period: 2017-2019
National Programme in Brain Sciences
Title: GPR12, a cryptic orphan receptor associated with neuronal plasticity
Period: 2017-2021
National Research, Development and Innovation Office
Title: The Abhd4 serine hydrolase, an enigmatic member of the endocannabinoid system: molecular, anatomical and functional characterization in the developing neocortex
Period: 2016-2020


Momentum II. Program
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Title: Quantitative molecular characterization of synaptic endocannabinoid signaling
Period: 2013-2018


The Wellcome Trust
International Senior Research Fellowship
Title: Molecular architecture and physiological role of novel N-acyl-ethanolamines in neurons.
Period: 2010-2016.


Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme
Swiss partner: Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Zurich
Title: Unraveling the Role of Novel Molecular Signaling Pathways in the Regulation of Pain
Period: 2010-2015
Swiss Contribution V1


European Research Council
Starting Independent Researcher Grant
Title: Understanding the molecular blueprint and functional complexity of the
endocannabinoid metabolome in the brain.
Period: 2009-2014.


Long-Term Fellowship for Dr. Christopher
Period: 2010-2012.


Norwegian Financial Mechanism
and Hungarian Scientific Research Fund
Title: Molecular diversity and plasticity of
endocannabinoid signaling at cortical synapses
Period: 2009-2011.